More Topless Bikini Treats From Harry Amelia on Big Brother

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bill-swift - June 16, 2015

Harry Amelia does not like to keep her clothes on. This makes her the ideal Big Brother housemate. Unless of course you happen to be locked into a tiny house filled with cameras and you feel the need to relieve yourself of the pressure built up from leering at Harry's bare chest all day long. I might unplug a camera or two as needed for the privacy of solace and exhaustion. I don't condone private property vandalism, but higher needs must be services.

I'm pretty sure the producers of Big Brother U.K. knew exactly what the model and TV hostess with the sexually explicit overtones would do once locked in the house. Putting together a Big Brother house is no different than assembling roles on an NBA roster. Except instead of the 3-point specialist you need the 2-teat exhibitionist to provide a solid ten minutes of highlight reel time. I'm not sure what else is watchable in these reality programs, but Harry Amelia, definitely doing her part. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Big Brother UK" Channel 5