Morgane Dubled Pasties for Fashion

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brian-mcgee - October 2, 2017

Pasties aren't the most fashion forward thing in the world, only because they're often frowned upon when used as a breast covering. They aren't particularly effective at covering up anything except the nipple, but when you're dealing with a society that's terrified of areolas, perhaps this new look sported by Morgane Dubled is the way of the future.

Models are often asked to wear ridiculous outfits on fashion show runways, whether it be some futuristic looking headgear or a space suit masquerading as discotheque chic, impracticality seems to be the only thing unifying these looks. Not that I wouldn't love to see Morgan Dubled topless with nothing but black sparkly pasties over her nipples out shopping at the mall or something, but these designers aren't usually concerned with looks that the everyday person could sport while running errands.

I'm sure that Morgane Dubled looks equally spectacular when fully clothed, but I prefer to see her body covered by nothing but some sheer lingerie and a pair of black pasties. It might just be the outfit for any occasion, provided that those occasions are also behind closed doors, if you catch my drift. Enjoy!