Mr. Skin Is Giving Away a 55-Inch 4K Samsung TV! It’s Erection 2016!

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bill-swift - October 8, 2016

Take your Clinton and Trump and shove it right where the boring, shlocky, lying politicians sun don't shine. Something like that. Presidential elections are innately boring. We pretend otherwise because the cable-nets live off the ratings for a year. if you want some real titillation in your election season, then you must participate in the Mr. Skin Erection 2016.

VOTE Now on the hottest unclothed lady celebrities for various public office. Vote and enter to Win a 55-inch 4K Samsung TV on which to watch even more of these sextastic wonders in shockingly sharp resolution. Like being there, only your brand new 4K TV won't slap you in the face.

Enter to win the styling new boob tube and vote your conscience. Or libido. Either way, it's free and you'll be exercising your constitutional right to party in your pants. God Bless each and every one of us.