Musician Don Ho’s Daughter Kea Ho Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction In NYC

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aldo-vallon - January 25, 2019

Don Ho, Kea Ho, nipple ho!

I bet Kea thought her body would be safe from any unintended nudity when she decided to wear that dress. It is tight enough to keep everything in place, the wind isn’t going to be able to blow anything loose, and the color black is usually a safe bet to keep things hidden. She wouldn’t even have to worry about any impromptu wet t-shirt contests under normal circumstances since those are normally reserved for white clothes.

But once again the thickness of the fabric betrays its wearer and shows off almost everything that was supposed to stay hidden. It is not often that a person can actually see the shadow of cleavage from beneath a dress.

Hopefully these two are not on their way to a funeral. It is an awful lot of black that they are wearing, after all. In order for a dress code like that to be considered appropriate they would have to be going to the funeral of a rock star. This actually wouldn’t be such a bad way to have the news broken to me that another classic rocker died.



Photo Credit: Splash News