Nadine Leopold in Lingerie!

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Tex Hollywood - November 16, 2020

Nadine Leopold is a hot model who was first introduced to us by the good people at Victoria's Secret. Despite being a hot model, she didn't necessarily climb the ranks of the Victoria's Secret team of Angels like so many other amazing models have, so she isn't quite the household name she'd probably like to be, but that doesn't mean she's not amazing. I mean, Victoria's Secret did cast her for some time and that is a massive stamp of approval from a company that has been very selective in the quality of their models for the last 30 years. They are always very hot.

I am not sure what this shoot is for, but it features the model in some lingerie which means it doesn't matter what it is for, we are just happy it happened!

There's something for everyone in here, fishnets, to heels, to leotards by Leopold, bras and panties, there just isn't any straight up nudity, which I guess we'll forgive, even though everyone gets naked on the internet now, meaning we kind of expect more nudity from models.


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