Nadya Yumasheva Grass in the Bath!

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Tex Hollywood - March 30, 2020

I don't know if Nadya Yumasheva, this amazing looking model in the tub, is actually in quarantine in this photoshoot.

I just like to think of everything from a Quarantine perspective, since that's how live has been the last few weeks. It is like everything has become "COVID-19 Quarantine" themed, which makes sense because it's a crazy situation.

So when looking at this from the Quarantine perspective, I see a girl washing off the virus in her tub, where she is forced to eat her houseplants, because her grocery store doesn't deliver and she's not willing to risk going out in public.

When you take the Quarantine out of the shoot, you're left with way more questions as to what is going on here, but when you add that story line, it all makes sense, not that it needs this to make sense, we just need to stare at it.


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