Naked in the Grass!

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Tex Hollywood - June 26, 2020

I don't know where this shoot is from or who the photographer OR the model is, which is pretty unfortunate, but if you know, feel free to tip us off so we can give credit where credit is do, and do our part in promoting babes producing awesome content, because as far as I'm concerned this is awesome content!

It's a girl laying in the grass field nude, the kind of thing I'd be willing to venture into and risk getting lyme disease for. You know those ticks and their love for tall grasses. No that I'd be invited to this moment in nature, however, I think it's the perfect "Inspo" for you to channel into your upcoming weekend. Covid or not, get out there and take off your shoes, dig your feet in the sand, but maybe you shouldn't take this models lead, as you should probably keep your clothes on for the health and safety of anyone who may walk up on you with your vagina you've crafted out of the mud for a day of romance, right?


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