Naked News Hottie Eila Adams is ‘Naked at the Movies’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - September 19, 2018


Want to catch up with the latest headlines but are sick of old fuddy duddy anchors droning on about lord knows what? Then have I got a solution for you! Naked News has been delivering the news in the nude for long enough to know what guys want to hear about... and see! This week, the eye-catching Eila Adams tells us all about the latest and greatest in movie news, and strips down to nothing while doing it!

If this is your first exposure to Naked News, allow me to welcome you into a world beyond your imagination. Where news is delivered by hot women taking off their clothes and then usually doing aerobics or jumping up and down or something that really shows off the goods. On top of that, it's shot in Canada, so there's almost no political bullshit to get bogged down by. Plus, the editorials are more along the lines of "this movie sucked" or "why women should be topless all the time" than anything else.

So what are you waiting for? Click here so you don't have to live another day of your life without Naked News!