Naomi Campbell Nip Slip in Jumpsuit

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aldo-vallon - June 5, 2018

What bad luck Naomi Campbell has. The one thing a person should be able to trust when wearing a jumpsuit is that there body parts will be covered up, and not be having their nipples spilling out for all the world to see. This is nothing short of treason of the highest order.

What is even the point of wearing a jumpsuit if it does not cover the precious goods? And I know that not all jumpsuits are like this, so I should not condemn them all as bad apples. Ninety-nine percent of jumpsuits do their jobs well, which is probably why mechanics are so passionate about wearing them. Do you think so many would own them if it did not keep their delicate skin safe from oil and sparks? Of course not.

All of that being said, this particular incident is alarming. What are we to do about it? We cannot have jumpsuits like this on the street. Today it is Naomi’s nipple that is the victim, tomorrow it could be Jennifer Connelly’s vagina. We can’t have that. I say we place a temporary ban on jumpsuits until we can properly regulate the ones that are currently on our streets.




Photo Credit: Backgrid