Naomi Campbell Shows Her 49-Year-Old Boobs In British Vogue

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earl-jonas - June 13, 2019



The word "ageless" should usually only be applied to processed cheese, because when it comes to people, we're generally agefull and look worse and worse until we die. But not Naomi Campbell. The iconic forty-nine-year-old supermodel made the hands of time her bitch, and looks freaking flawless in this new spread for British Vogue. The woman has been in the industry for many decades and still not only finds work, but makes headlines. In addition to her hot rack, the spread highlights Campbell's toned body, legs up to here, and ability to give face like no other. Do you think that this Campbell is mmm mmm good? Let us know your thoughts on the issue below.

See the nude pic HERE

Photo Credit: Miami Rhapsody movie