Natalie Horton Ready to Hit the Slopes!

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Echo Lawrence - September 22, 2020

I don't know much about Natalie Horton, besides her instagram where I've discovered she's a managing director at something called "ALL MY FRIENDS ARE MODELS", which I guess is a platform for good looking people to celebrate being good looking by not being inclusive to anyone who isn't signed. It's the kind of segregation you'd probably like to sneak into the compound they all live at, because you know you're not getting in the front door!

I find the concept of their "All My Friends are Models" project funny, mainly because I am not a model, but I think it's the equivalent of me starting a club called "No Fat Chicks", something that would guarantee get me cancelled. Even though modelling is open to people of all sizes now, not that Natalie Horton has to worry about that, she's thin, she's tall, she's naked and modelling and very good at it!

In this shoot she's prepping for winter, some Fall Equinox things, but skiing has never looked this good to me.


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