Natasha Hot Fitness Outfit!

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Tex Hollywood - March 24, 2020

Busty Natasha put one some of her GYM inappropriate workout gear, because thanks to the shut down, women can finally workout in outfits that are less constricting than the traditional workout gear, because gyms frown upon thongs as shorts, which happens to be the reason I have never worked out. If a gym wants to oppress a woman and her wants by dictating what she wears, then I'm just going to sit it out in protest getting fatter and fatter.

I don't know Natasha's last name, but I know she's busty, but more importantly giving herself a wedgie because when in self isolation, you only have yourself to bully yourself. I wonder how she's going to shoot spitballs at herself, or throw herself in the garbage but I'll be happy to wait to find out.


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