Nekkid Carmen Electra Helps Us Promote the $1 PlayboyPlus Sensational Deal

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bill-swift - February 21, 2013

This is what you call native advertising. It's the future of the Internet. Where websites will integrate sponsored content right into their regular content that hopefully piques your interest so you hardly know you're looking at an advertisement. And we intend to do it better than anybody else.

Take for instance the PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special. Yes, one effin' dollar. It lets you view their content for 48 hours for one-hundred pennies while you decide if you want to sign up for more. You've seen these kinds of deals before, but never for Playboy.

Now, let's native advertise this mother up by convincing you to check out the PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Special with a classic nekkid Carmen Electra pictorial, a sampling of the thousands of pictorials and videos available to you for, well, you guessed it, just $1. You get to see wicked hot Carmen Electra from a time she never looked better or more nekkid, we get to encourage you to sign up for PlayboyPlus under a sweetheart deal.

Winner winner nekkid hottie dinner. Welcome to the future. Enjoy.