Nichole Barrett Topless Highrise Sunrise

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bill-swift - April 22, 2015

I'm really digging the series of au natural model sets Yume magazine is highlighting in various common settings. The hi-rise series is particularly intriguing to me as I've always had this fantasy of hot nekkid women in tall buildings ever since watching every Sharon Stone movie ever made in the 80's and 90's. I believe that's the plot of all of them.

Nichole Barrett does some fine female form work here as the topless seductress on about the 27th floor of a building that exists repeatedly in my dreams. I once lived in a hi-rise but it was primarily a retirement condo so I don't remember seeing anything close to this kind of skin-filled hotness. There was Mrs. Epstein who'd walk down the hall frequently in the buff, but she was well into her 80's and kept claiming she was supposed to meet her friends at the lake. Not the same. Nichole Barrett, let me know your apartment number so I can come by and adjust those shades. What a body. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Yume Magazine