Nicole Kidman Topless in Shower in ‘Big Little Lies’

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bill-swift - April 4, 2017

It's time to give a hand to Nicole Kidman. Even at her veteran hottie stage, Nicole is not only not shying away from nudity, she must be actively seeking it out. She's showing off a ton these past few years still, including in Big Little Lies, where clearly her buddy Reese Witherspoon who helped produced must've asked her to take on this role of many shower and bedroom scenes and she jumped right in. Bravo.

If you watch the show you know the storyline is somewhat brutal. So, pretend it isn't as I do whilst reveling in the sight of Nicole and her utterly nicely pert udders protruding in the shower, in desperate need of some soap. I happen to have a bar or three right here, Nicole. I'm known as an expert sudsman. Let's get started. I assume they're new. I'll be gentle, at first. Enjoy.

Photo credit: HBO