Nina Agdal’s Amazing Thirst Trap!

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Tex Hollywood - October 13, 2020

Nina Agdal is the Sports Illustrated model who was at one time in a short lived relationship with Leo Dicaprio, but who is now with her fellow bikini models, Christie Brinkley's son. I guess he understands the life of the bikini model.

I am not sure if she is still a Sports Illustrated girl, but like Playboy, it is a stamp of approval that only a select few babes can put on their obituary when they eventually die. It's October, I'm allowed to be dark, Halloween Season.

She seems to be living in the Hamptons, where she's doing aerobic classes for the elite, and this is her outfit, that doubles as a thirst trap and it's far better than when the wrestling team wore it in High School, you know, because she's a swimsuit model and all.

Definitely, worth watching!


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