Noureen DeWulf Nipslip in Santa Monica

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rusty-mattis - August 8, 2017

You know why I don't swim in the ocean? Sharks. Those sharks know we are there and they are pissed about it. I just know that if I ever stepped foot in the ocean a shark would get me. If not a shark, something else. The oceans are full of dangers like sharks and currents and crabs and even a simple wave can shake off your bikini top and expose your nip. Just ask Noureen DeWulf.

But I gotta say that Noureen DeWulf didn't do herself any favors by wearing a bikini that is one size too small on top. She's got to know that she's got some big ol' boobies and they need to super secure at all times, unless she wants us to see her nipple. If that's the case, Noureen DeWulf, you just keep buying those bikinis one size too small. You keep going to that ocean. You keep showing off a little nip when you get out of the water. You know what's best for you, Noureen, and we know that your killer bod in a bikini is pretty great for us. Some people like to live dangerously and swim in the ocean. But pools wouldn't give us Noureen DeWulf's nip slip so, you have to take the risk every once in awhile.

Photo Credit: Backgrid