Olga Kobzar is a Canvas!

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Tex Hollywood - August 4, 2020

There's a trend of models of the internet using their bodies as some sort of canvas, where in this case some cartoon characters are drawn on their naked body, which I guess in totally redundant because the female form in and of itself is art, right?

I am not against turning my Sunday Funnies into something I can really focus on in this era of so much nudity being out there, I can't turn away from the computer to see anything but nudity, so you better put the things you want me to see on or next to nudity.

I actually find it pretty interesting, fun, lighthearted, rather than the overly serious kind of things we've seen.

The model is named Olga Kobzar or BUGS BUNNY GF Exey Panteleev so check him out too!


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