Olga Kobzar’s Outrageously Sexy Curves In Full Frontal Shoot

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aldo-vallon - December 22, 2017

   Get your looks in while you can because there is no telling how long this gallery is going to stay up before the Disney gestapo send us a cease and desist. Those guys are very protecting of their characters, especially their flagships like Mickey. I found this out the hard way when I tried launching my porn career by financing a spoof of The Incredibles that was to be entitled The Impenetrables. True to the name, I did not even get the tip in before their lawyers, and the good people at Maricopa County Sheriff's Department, shut us down. They claimed it was because we did not have the proper permits, but I am not buying it. Like, what even is a permit anyway? 

I am a big fan of those big gloves on Olga's hands. One of my biggest complaints about women is that their hands are not big enough. Sure, they are normally proportional to their body, but I don't want normal. I want there to be fear in my eyes when I see my member in their over-sized meat hooks. I want to worry about whether her giant paws are going to grind my bone to make her bread, and with those gloves maybe I can make that fear a reality.  



Photo Credit: Insomnia Magazine

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