Olivia Culpo’s Sister Sophia in Her Bikini!

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Echo Lawrence - December 22, 2020

I guess the hot Culpo sisters are following the Kardashian lead, or are taking a lesson out of the Kardashian book of social media management, where they use their celebrity to grow the celebrity of their siblings, in effort to make the family a powerful entity.

So meet Sophia Culpo, Olivia Culpo's younger sister who has 155,000 followers, which is nothing compared to her celebrity and athlete dating, Miss Universe or Miss America sister.

She is doing the whole "Notice me" by getting into a bikini, which is the best way to get noticed. She's got a great body, which could be because she has a Bachelor Degree in science and realizes that food can ruin a good thing, even if it tastes good. Or maybe it's genetics, either way, welcome to the social media influencer club your sister's been so good at Sophie! We welcome you with open arms!



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