Australian DJ Olivia Nervo Topless In Miami

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bill-swift - June 27, 2017

One half of the Nervo sisters, Olivia Nervo, exposed her sweet topless redheaded self on the beach in Miami in a top that seems designed to expose herself. So, her plan worked.

The Nervo sisters, known as Nervo because they might lack something in the creative naming department, are all the rage in DJ circles. Hmm, they've never appeared on any of my AC/DC albums. But there's something to be said for two cheeky sisters baring their bodies for the love of pressing Play buttons on iPods and shaking their arms in the air. Especially when one of the sisters is topless on the beach in Miami.

Olivia definitely keeps her funbags in the petite and playful category, au natural and leer worthy in her dancing and preening. We could use more Aussie transplants in this country. There's a certain vivaciousness marked by toplessness that improves the quality of our coastlines. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Blackgrid