Game of Thrones Hottie Ollie Kram Naked in Black and White

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bill-swift - March 3, 2016

Every day I fall in lust all over again with some amazingly hot woman such as Ollie Kram. It's part of the wonderful experience of being alive and being a man who loves women. Let the eyes begin to take in the sextastic that is Ollie Kram and feel the wave of millions of years of evolution take over urging you to make many many Kram babies.

Ollie's bare birthday suit body is nothing short of wicked hot in these Lukas Dvorak black and white photos. Black and white mean art which means it's cool that you're looking at Ollie all topless and naked while at work or at school because you're appreciating art. Also her ridiculously fine booty. Oh, that this was your living room she was modeling in. I'd never wash my furniture again, which is something of a easy give since I've never washed it before. Are you supposed to? Ollie, I am so dirty for you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lukas Dvorak