Paige Marie Evans Butt Naked

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michael-garcia - October 6, 2016

Incredible Paige Marie Evans gets totally naked out in the woods. For millions of years, we hominids wandered around the woods and savannah buck ass naked, which is why photos like these work. But I can pretty much guarantee that those primitive chicks did not look like Paige. She's got a pair of knockers that is the stuff dreams are made of. Seriously, I think I'm going to dream about those pretty pink nipples tonight when I snuggle into my John Stamos normal pillow, I mean. The only thing that maybe is better than her ta-tas is her booty. This thing is perfectly round and I bet smells like talcum powder and vanilla. Booties like Paige's are not just your average normal booties. No, they are a rarefied breed of booty that most of us only get to see in pictures. 

I hate camping and I'd totally go camping with Paige. I mean, as long as she's naked. I'd search her body at night for ticks by the fire. I'm nice like that. 


Photo Credit: Rama Dolman