Paige Marie Evans Takes A Topless Dip

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bill-swift - May 24, 2016

Me and Paige Marie Evans have a thing going on. I lust her ridiculously hot body with all my mind, body, and soul, and for her part she pretends I don't exist. I stare at her luscious funbags and smoking sextastic female form and she pretend she doesn't receive all my romantic poems phrased in dirty limerick form. Because that is how you woo a beautiful woman such as Paige.

Shot by Kelton Critchett, we may just have topped ourselves, herself mostly, in terms of Paige Marie Evans allure. When her body comes out of the water like a classically tempting naked nymph, you'll crash whatever craft your currently piloting. Your car, your boat, or just that thing you're tugging on at the end of your body to make the happy feelings come back. Paige, you are an inspiring bit of epic hotness. I do hope your return is sooner rather than later. My bed is available. For modeling I mean. Don't think me too forward, even if I'd drive a bus full of seniors on their way to Reno off the road just to get to you five minutes sooner. Sacrifices must be made. Enjoy. 


Photo Credit: Kelton Critchett