Patricia Manfield and Ammore Malavita Nips at the 74th Venice Film Festival

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aldo-vallon - September 12, 2017

 What would be the female equivalent to saying a woman has brass balls? I do not want to use that one because I cannot think of anything less attractive than associating balls with a woman. But maybe brass nips would work. Regardless, any woman brave enough to venture out into the world with nothing over her nips but a fine layer of fabric is surely worthy of recognition. I do not even go outside without wearing two pairs of boxers under my pants. Not after the last time I tried going commando while wearing sweatpants. The look of shame on my grandfather's face is one I will never forget. Mostly because he died shortly after that in the hospital room. I know wearing sweats while free ranging your balls is not considered appropriate attire for that type of occasion, but I was told on short notice and it was laundry day. There is no need to worry about it happening again because I have learned my lesson. Now I always keep a full set of clothes in my trunk as a spare. No longer do I have to worry about shaming my family or spilling a drink on my crotch. I strongly suggest you all do the same as well.  


Photo Credit: Splash News