Paula Bulczynska Sheer Lingerie Udder Hotness

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bill-swift - February 12, 2016

More Paula Bulczynska? Oh, yes please. The brunette Polish sextastic model stealing my mind, body, and soul of late is now in sheerest of lingerie bit showing off her treasures beneath in this stellar Ron Flieger photoshoot. Black and white means you're serious about sending a message, and the message herein is hotness, udder hotness.

I know I'm prone to fall in lust with every gorgeous young topless model out there, I plead guilty. But each and every one has so much raw ridiculously hot power I think I'm not being overly lured, just brutally honest. Ogle if you will the body faptastic that is Paula Bulczynska and tell me you're not feeling like giving up everything you have for five minutes of fun time with Paula in her lingerie closet trying on, and off, little sheer bits. Oh, my. I just cried a million year old tear of my ancestors. Paula, keep them coming. I wear my obsession like a badge of honor. You wear nothing at all. A perfect match. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Ron Flieger