Pauline Moulettes Topless On Horseback

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michael-garcia - October 7, 2016

Pauline Moulettes does the Lady Godiva bit by getting topless on horseback. The French hottie rode a mighty steed while simultaneously showing her ta-tas. Now that's talent. Pauline has a really nice rack. I bet they get a nice bounce as she rides. Not so big as they whap her in the face, but enough to have a healthy bounce. The French are famous for doing all kinds of things in the nude, why not horseback riding. As long as you wear something on your nether regions to protect from saddle sores I think you'd be OK. If you are a woman, not if you are a dude. Bare balls on a saddle is a bad idea. It's like when you sit on a leather couch in the summer in shorts but 10 times worse.

There is something very compelling about these pics of a hot woman and a horse. It's like a painting from the 19th century that would be in an old English study or something. 


Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine