Peaches & Diesel by Lucy Van Gorder

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aldo-vallon - October 4, 2017

 With the number of flowers tossed about her body she must have just finished singing some sort of opera song. And from the looks of it, she must have nailed it. I know this not because I have ever attended an opera, but because of my encyclopedic knowledge of Looney Tunes. I say encyclopedic, my family says near autistic, but that is like a tomato-tomahto sort of thing. Who could really know aside from a qualified professional? And I certainly am not going to spend the money to see one of those.

With that many flowers I would rate her abilities at near fat lady levels, which is impressive due to her petite form. Since opera songs are normally in a language other than English I have always wondered if the English speaking singers actually know what they are saying. The easy part for them is probably hitting the notes and then they are like, "Damn, now I have to learn this second language I am never going to use in the real world." It seems like a big waste of time, I say while lying in bed on a Saturday afternoon.  


Photo Credit: Lucy Van Gorder

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