Playboy’s Heidi Romanova Is Back, And Of Course She’s Full Frontal Again, Duh

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earl-jonas - May 7, 2019


Heidi Romanova is one of our very favorite Playboy Plus models, and if you think we're just saying that because she's super hot and shows her shaved beav on the reg, you better just rethink that thought. We're obsessed with Heidi because she's gorgeous, shows her shaved beav on the reg, and also shows her perfect natural breasts and amazing smooth ass. What kind of guy do you think we am. The last time we saw Heidi she was also enjoying the great outdoors, but instead of horsing around, was playing strip golf with herself. Now she's really leaning into her Brave from Pixar cosplay look by posing with a majestic horse. Heidi says of her best assets:

I like all parts of my body, but my favorite is my legs. They’re long and beautiful!

Yeah, um, your legs are our favorite part of your body too. Yeah... let's go with that...

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