Playmate Marketa Janska Is The Definition Of A Bombshell

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aldo-vallon - February 6, 2018

 I would like to tip my hat to the creator of Marketa Janska's bra, if it can even be considered a bra. I have a love/hate relationship with bras. I love how they make boobs look, but I hate that they keep me from seeing the boobs. With the pictured bra, though, that issue does not exist. They give the lift and support that those unruly boobs need, while not covering up any more of the goods than they need to.

If only someone made a jockstrap with the same goal in mind. The current model does a great job of keeping the junk from flopping, but it also completely hides shape from view, and we all know how much women love the faint outline of a mushroom head creeping through the trousers. Maybe our only hope is to get our society to go back to using cod pieces. Those will also bring the added benefit of protection. Having just a little more padding around that area will do wonders to lessen the damage of a rogue sack tap. The average life expectancy of men will probably increase due to the absence of that stress. 




Photo Credit: Playboy Plus 

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