Playmate Olga De Mar’s Full Frontal Spread Will Give You An Erection At Work

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earl-jonas - March 29, 2019

Our Analytics tell us that most of you read Egotastic All Stars during normal work hours, and can I just say, well done. Reclaim your time. Unfortunately the drop dead gorgeous Olga De Mar's is here to throw salt in the game, because her ridiculously sexy spread will definitely give you a boner at work. And this boner ain't going nowhere. It's going to be a four-hours-or-more-er, and you'll have to be rushed out of your office on a stretcher with your massive erection giving away your worktime hobby.

Anyway Olga. She was the October 2018 Playmate, and this spread reminds us of why. Olga hits the tennis court in a retro-inspired look, but soon the heat gets to her, and she begins shedding her clothes, revealing a gigantic rack and all around one of the best bods we've ever seen here. Needless to say, when it comes to this tennis shoot, what's not to love.

Head here for the full unbelievably sexy video