Preview Topless Peeks For Olivia Rose’s New Video With Jonathan Leder

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bill-swift - February 24, 2016

Olivia Rose may have the ideal set of funbags for me to launch into hours upon hours of soft pillow day dreams. I don't play favorites, but I also know a lifetime achievement award in mammaries when I see them. Olivia Rose is a beautiful woman with a ridiculously hot body and those wicked sweet melons granted direct from heaven where a guy with very good taste in women anoints a special few.

Featured in these preview pics for a Jonathan Leder photoshoot video, Olivia reminds us why we'd throw away everything we have, including dare I say my mint-in-box He-Man collectibles, for five minutes of cuddling fuzzy playtime in the closet with Olivia. Is that Olivia in reading glasses naked on my couch taking in the latest romance novel? I think my soul just broke in half. Somebody hold me tight. Olivia, you first. When you think you can't squeeze any harder, squeeze harder. There's magic in our passion. Those ta-ta's are killing me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Leder

I occasionally if not often cry myself to sleep at night whispering her name...