Put On A Record And Get Lost In This Musical, Magical Topless Shoot

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aldo-vallon - November 14, 2017

 The music lover in me cringed so hard at the sight of those records scattered around outside of their sleeves that it made e realize I could never get into masochism. Even if I was to dabble in it, clearly it would not take much to make me shout the safe word. Would it be a point of pride for a dominatrix to get me to that point quickly, or would they be disappointed I did not last longer. The former would be a refreshing change because I have come across the latter experience enough already.

Despite the clear lack of respect this woman has for vinyl, her legs look so good in those stockings that I am willing to forgive it. My vision is so bad that I cannot make out which albums they are, so it might no be much of a sacrilege after all. In the name of good will I will pretend they are a few copies of Rumours by Fleetwood Mac. The heavens know there are enough copies of that one floating around that we can afford to loose a few.  

Photo Credit: Photographer Tony Andreas Rudolph for B-Authentique