Rachel Cook Topless in Black and White

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brian-mcgee - September 11, 2017

I got excited for a moment because I'm old enough to know that the phrase "Rachael Leigh Cook Naked" is enough to get 1999 me very intrigued. Sadly this is not Rachael Leigh Cook, aka the "This is Your Brain on Drugs" frying pan girl, aka the girl who is indeed "All That." This is Rachel Cook, and the biggest advantage this Ms. Cook has is that she's actually not opposed to posing naked!

I don't know when or how Rachael Leigh Cook lost her relevance, but it happened suddenly and I'm not sure why. It's like she was here one day and the next, it's 2017 and you're looking at a picture of a model named Rachel Cook and thinking about what it will be like to fill that void in your pop culture mind.

I suggest taking the time to really study these pictures and say the name Rachel Cook over and over again until she takes up residence in your long-term memory. I think that's how that works, but it may take some time. Try every day for a week and if that doesn't work, you must be doing something wrong. 

Photo Credit: Instagram / Josephine Clough