Rachel McCord Wardrobe Malfunction In A See-Through Swimsuit

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aldo-vallon - August 8, 2018

I do not know if having a white swimsuit that becomes see-through when wet should be considered a malfunction or a feature. The color white was the inventor of the wet t-shirt contest after all. If you are buying something that you intend to get wet then you should be prepared to undergo that burden.

I would never buy a blender and then blame it for turning my cheeseburger into a smoothie. That is what it does. So I would bite my tongue, and if there was still a straw in the vicinity then I would use it to slurp up that glorified vomit. No one needs to know if I made a mistake.

I think that was what Rachel McCord was going for as well. She was throwing her arms up in the air, making sure her boobs pressed up against the fabric in order to be extra noticeable, so that there could be no mistaking what we are seeing. I commend her for her bravery in the face of adversity. Some women would have spent the rest of the day with their arms folded in front of their bodies. Weaker women would have left. But not Rachel. Oh no, not Rachel.


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Photo Credit: MEGA