Raica Oliveira Nude and Shot by Gaspar Noé for LUI

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brian-mcgee - October 11, 2017

If you're a fan of director Gaspar Noé, first of all, let's never meet, and second of all, you're going to love this new photo set that the provocateur shot for LUI Magazine of the absolutely gorgeous Raica Oliveira. He starts her out in a completely see-through outfit made out of what I've dubbed disco chain mail and that's super hot. 

Then he gets her to open her top and show off her breasts in all their glory, and I must admit that they are absolutely spectacular. Raica is a real work of art and as much as I may despise Noé's films, I'm finding myself admiring his lighting work. Seriously, he took an already amazing pair of breasts and made them flat-out breathtaking just by messing with the lighting. That's an artist at work.

While I'm not about to say that this makes up for the trauma that Noé has caused with his films, I will admit that I appreciate his eye for composition much more than I did before. It helps when your subject is as perfectly put together as Raica Oliveira, but even still, it takes a great artist to make something perfect look even better!

Images via LUI Magazine