Rainy Day Jordan Brings Nothing But Sunshine As Caught Candidly Topless on Miami Beach

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bill-swift - February 2, 2012

Not since Lacey Banghard have we been so enchanted with the real-life stripper name of a celebrity hottie, in this case, Rainy Day Jordan (and she emphatically states that is the name on her birth certificate), this past December's Playmate of the Month, and a real life Texas native hottie, who was cooking for an all-over tan in Miami Beach yesterday and had no trouble dropping the bikini top to let the sunshine in.

Rainy Day says she's been dreaming about being a Playmate in Playboy since she was in the fifth grade, which while it seems somewhat silly on its face, I'm guessing drew not a single laugh when she announced her aspirations in class against all the other kids wanting to be future astronauts and doctors and Presidents, because sometimes even in the fifth grade, you can just tell when a kid is going to grow up and actually realize their dream. Enjoy.