READER FIND: Alison Brie Naked In ‘Glow’

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brian-mcgee - March 15, 2018

Last year's Netflix Original Series GLOW promised us gorgeous ladies of wrestling and absolutely delivered thanks to the knockout nudity from series star Alison Brie. Like many of you, I first fell for Alison when she played Annie on Community. They constantly found ways to make her look sexy, particularly when she played "Evil Annie" and from the very first moment we all saw her, we wondered what she looked like naked.

Well, wonder no more thanks to the good people at Netflix. Alison committed to her role, doffing her duds in the very first episode and showing off her breasts that were—to borrow a phrase from another NBC sitcom—both real and spectacular. Of course, my biggest issue with Alison is her taste in men, as she hitched herself to a Franco brother, but I think her nudity on GLOW definitely helped to smooth over some of the issues that arose when they walked down the aisle.

I think we're all eagerly awaiting the second season of GLOW, not just to catch up with all the characters we know and love—Marc Maron is admittedly pretty brilliant on that show—but in hopes that Alison might go even bigger with the nudity in the new season. Bring on the beav!

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin