READER FIND: Doona Bae’s Sexiest Nude Scenes From Sense8

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aldo-vallon - June 13, 2018

I do not know what Sense8 is and I cannot be bothered to look it up. For the purposes of this post I will assume it is the brand name of a weight loss drug. That would explain both the name and why everyone looks so fit in these stills.

Maybe it is time for me to hop on some Sense8. My body does not look anywhere near as tight as Doona Bae’s. That could be because I am neither Asian or a woman, but I am not a doctor so I cannot say for certain. Genetics teachings have been going over my head since they stopped using that guys peas in the lessons. (Note to any science teachers: Include as many references to food as you can. Peas may seem boring, but even they can get the job done.)

On another note, Doona Bae really needs to decide how she wants her name spelled and ordered. On her Wikipedia page alone I can count no less than three different variations. We cannot just change our names at every whim. That is something that con artists do. I’ll give her a grace period to figure it out since she is Korean, but I want only one name on that page by the end of the week.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin