READER FIND: Emmanuelle Beart’s Must-See Full Nudity From ‘The Beautiful Troublemaker’ in HD

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brian-mcgee - May 18, 2018

When 1996's Mission: Impossible came out, a friend told me that the woman who played the main love interest/betrayer of Ethan Hunt, Emmanuelle Beart, had done a four hour French film where she was completely nude the entire time. I never did track down a copy of 1991's La Belle Noiseuse, a.k.a. The Beautiful Troublemaker, but I did catch up with it when I first got a Mr. Skin membership.

Egotastic All Stars reader John B. from Cuyahoga Falls, OH saw that the film was recently released on Blu-ray and wondered if we had the updated caps of the film in HD. Fantastic news, John and the rest of the hetero-male world, as we do indeed and they look absolutely stunning in high definition!

I'm still in awe of this four hour film for being so blatant about putting every square inch of Emmanuelle on display like this, but I can't deny it makes me very happy that they did. I don't know how much merit it has as a work of art, but for all of that nudity, I'd say it qualifies as an absolute masterpiece... of ass.

Thanks John for the request, and be sure to keep those Reader Finds coming. And enjoy making your 1996 self happy with these amazing pics!

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