READER FIND: Eva Amurri’s Must-See Topless Stripper Scenes In ‘Californication’

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brian-mcgee - March 12, 2018

Whether or not you like her as a person, there's really no denying that Susan Sarandon is one of the hottest women who have ever walked this planet. It's also hard to argue against the fact that she helped produce Eva Amurri, who is undeniably one of the hottest women to have ever lived. Egotastic All Stars reader George N. from Bozeman, MT agrees with that latter statement as he pointed us in the direction of these amazing pictures of Eva stripping down during her stint on Showtime's Californication.

Is there anything better in this world than a busty redhead? The answer is probably not, but one look at Eva Amurri in the altogether, showing off her absolutely spectacular breasts is easily the closing argument. Eva does bear a strong resemblance to her mom—they even played the same character, 25 years apart, in the totally forgettable Adam Sandler film That's My Boy—so if you still pine for Susan in her younger days, allow me to invite you to live vicariously through her sensational daughter!

Thanks for the tip, George, and make sure to keep those Reader Finds coming in. Honestly, if any of them are half this good, they're definitely newsworthy!

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin