READER FIND: Kelly Brook’s Incredible Topless Scenes In ‘Survival Island’

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aldo-vallon - March 11, 2018

I have never heard of Survival Island before, but I think I am going to have to go ahead and watch it now. If Kelly Brook’s topless body was not enough to sell you on it then the presence of Billy Zane, the coolest of guys, should surely do the trick. Throughout the whole flick he probably has that Billy Zaniness look going on, saying Billy Zane things. I do not know how he was not nominated for an Oscar for this performance, and I have not even seen it yet.

If I am going to jump to conclusions about the plot, my guess would be a small group of people are tasked with surviving on an island. My second guess would be that Kelly Brook survives for a long time. Who would want to take a pair like that out of the picture early on? Those are not just attention grabbers, they are audience holders. If she does not survive on this island for more than half the movie then I am going to demand my money back from the theater. And that is going to be tough to have fulfilled since it was released over ten years ago and was never in theaters.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin