READER FIND: Season 9 of ‘Shamelss’ Kicks Off With Cristen Coppen’s Nude Debut

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aldo-vallon - September 12, 2018

Shameless has never shied away from providing ample amounts of sex and nudity, but I hope that is only because it wanted to and not because it felt compelled to do so because of its name. Researchers have said that the name you are given has no impact on the type of person you become, but I have my doubts.

Because of its title, As the World Turns could only ever take place on one planet, Earth. They could not be jumping around from planet to planet because then it would need to be called As the Worlds Turn, or else people would get confused. Soap operas have plots that are already confusing, you cannot risk making things more complicated by adding a nonsensical title.

My point is that maybe Shameless would not feel the need to constantly act so shameless had it been named something more innocent, like Wholesome. They could still include boobs from time to time, but it would have to be because they were displaying how to properly self-administer a breast exam. It would be tough for them to get any more wholesome than that.


Photo Credit: Mr. SkinĀ