Reader Finds: Young Diane Kruger Nekkid, Bar Refaeli See-Through, Kate Upton Sexy Twitpics, and Sarah Hyland Upskirt

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bill-swift - February 18, 2011

Big time shoutout to Egotastic! superfan 'Barry V.' for locating this all types of nekkid picture of Diane Kruger, who I've only been lusting over for years now, though especially hard this past couple of weeks. While we can't 100% verify the true-Krugetacity of what appears to be a much younger Diane Kruger (by carbon dating her landing strip), I'm going to seriously ogle this picture until I hear otherwise.

Big time props to 'Samantha P.' for his delivery of only one of the hottest models in the world in a see-through swimsuit. When it comes to Bar Refaeli and any types of under-garment views, well, it just feel like a birthday party. Bless you, Samantha. (Update: Turns out I think Samantha found this on our own site. Too much Mike's Hard Lemonade here, we forgot we previously posted this picture!)

Well, Kate Upton, we barely just met you and we already lust you. One million virgins for Egotastic! reader 'Shamus' for locating these cleavetastic self-camera portraits by the sexy swimsuit model Kate Upton, who we just stared at incessantly in her Sports Illustrated photo spread. By the looks of how Kate likes to flash the melons, expect to being seeing much more of her in the future.

Oh, pretty little miss Sarah Hyland, how lovely of you to flash your knickers on network television. I can't possibly think of any good reason to watch the shrill coffee klatch known as The View, but, I suppose if Sarah Hyland promises upskirts on a daily basis, I might at least watch without sound. Shoutout to EgoFan 'Lydia J.' for this flashing find. Enjoy.