READER FINDS: Christa Allen See-Through, Demi Moore Topless, Josephine Skriver Crazy Hot and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - March 18, 2016

Happy Happy Fridays Forever. What was the name of the one-hit wonder girl who wrote the song about Fridays? She was on to something. There is no finer day of the week, the end of the workload, the anticipation of relaxation, and in the case of March Madness, some serious basketball watching. The first weekend of the tournament is simply must-see TV. Of course, we also celebrate the blessed Fridays by plunging our hands deep into the recesses of the Reader Finds email bag to see what good fortune and benevolence has brought us. It's always and ever an amazing amount of celebrity skin.

This week's Reader Finds includes Rebecca Romijn in SI bodypaint (thank you EgoReader 'Bill P.'), Christa B. Allen lingerie naked peeks (funtimes visuals via 'Tony R.'), Adele Exarchopoulos topless skinematics (French styled funbags from 'Weeser'), Brittany Allen topless goodies on screen (blessed boobtastic provided by 'Tawny S.'), Michelle Johnson and pre-enhancements Demi Moore topless in silver screen classic (long time lusting via 'Owen'), Emma Glover brunette teats (oh, Nuts, we miss you, kudos 'John J.'), Genevieve Morton hot bathroom thong (hot lavatory scene via 'David P.'), Isabella Farrell topless for Treats magazine (blonde hooters galore thanks to 'Evan M.') Jenna Lewis topless bath time and Jenna Lewis sex tape shennigans (bubbles and blowjobs oh my, thanks 'Victor K.'), Jessica Marais hot bare booty in Sin City (oh, how I miss that show, kudos 'Jackson'), Jessie Wiseman topless on film (sweet teats, thanks 'Richard L.'), Josephine Skriver covered topless goodness (Danish treats via 'Emmer A.'), Kate Bock wild hot SI outtakes (kindly contributed by 'Daniel E.'), Kelly Rohrbach smoking hot swimsuit pics (must-sees sent in by 'Rico V'), nineteen year old Lola De Lann topless screencap (ah, foreign funbags from 'Anzio'), Ludivine Sagnier topless hot teats (thank you much to 'Aaron J.'), more French goodness in the form of Margot Lourdet (Euro-funbags courtesy of 'Elle'), Mimi Rogers giant jugs (enormous happy parts via 'Diego'), Mischa Barton topless skinematics (sweet Bartons thanks to 'Tom F.'), Natalia Tena topless in GoT (love that show, thanks 'Method'), and Nina Agdal bikini hot spray down behind the scenes (Danish Delight via ''Lilly S.'). Man, that's a ton of skin. Give yourself some time, lower the lights, turn up the Skynyrd. Enjoy.