READER FINDS: Jodie Foster Topless, Charlotte McKinney Nip Slip, Ashley Hinshaw Topless and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - March 25, 2016

Some days are better than others. But every Friday is the best thanks in large part to the generosity of viewers like you. You who submit some of your most titillating favorite visions of celebrity skin so that others may share in your feelings of elation. It's the highest form of charity I believe according to the Dalai Lama. He knows his sextastic ladies.

This week's Reader Finds includes Jodie Foster topless skinematic work (revelations of bare Oscar racks thanks to EgoReader 'Joel T.'), Ashley Doris topless in scream feature (lovely yams via 'Telly'), Ashley Hinshaw topless in cherry filled work (mams of young hottie by 'Stephen A.'), Bo Derek classic yabbos baring (the best of Bo's funbags, kudos 'Charlie H.'), a young Candice Swanepoel as a brunette and sultry Camila Alves topless hotness (sneaky find by 'Bill P.'), Dianna Agron and Paz de la Huerta topless screen time lesbionics (pleasure viewing via 'Bob O.'), Charlotte McKinney tugging and slipping her big ones (blessed social media find from 'Danielle'), Elle MacPherson and Tara Fitzgerald topless in the best movie ever (sweet teats provided by 'Glenn E.'), Emmy Rossum lust inducing visuals (Awesomeness lent by 'Owen'), Gintare Sudziute topless In Treats (oh boy what a body, thanks 'T.K.'), Hannah Davis bikini underwater smoking hot body (SI treats noted by 'Lawrence M.'), Heather Graham topless yum yums (Heather hotness via 'Tony P.'), Jehane Gigi Paris latest hottest body exhibition (thrown into the mix by 'Bob J.') and much much more. If you can't make it through 138 photos of hot topless famous women, ask yourself this, are you prioritizing your time properly? Precisely. Enjoy.