READER FINDS: Katie Cassidy Topless, Jessica Alba Rehearsing Striptease, Rose McGowan Nekkid, and Much Much More

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bill-swift - September 6, 2014

I'm thankful we got this big ship of the sextastic state up and running in time for our weekly tradition here on Fridays of digging deep into the well of user generated content for the best and the most boobtastic in the world of celebrity. I must tell you, and thank you, to those million and one of you blessed souls who offered up Celebrity Funbag-Gate photos from the leaked bounty. Unfortunately, at this time, we can't publish those by order of the Viscount of Lame, or some title like that. Nevertheless, I appreciate you coming to me early on, later on, and forever more I am sure. Every now and then we get photos that turns our legal team of Sanford and Sons into quaking jelly. Such are the times we live in. Naked selfies and regret. I love these times!

This week's Reader Finds does include a first peep at Katie Cassidy topless in a trailer for her upcoming flick (thank you EgoReader 'Benjamin'), the gorgeous Sara Stephens being gorgeous in modeling pics (kudos to 'Jaffy' for the lovelies), Ariana Grande in a couple sweet sweater treats (Ariana allure via 'Jason'), SyFy Channel's Heathyr Hoffman topless in various odd modeling shots (much ado about Heathyr from 'Sander'), Bar Refaeli crazy lingerie hot in caps from her Passionata shoot (oh, Bar, you slay me thanks to 'Elise'), Helena Bonham Carter kooky and topless, what else (frazzled funbags courtesy of 'Dixon'), Jessica Alba rehearsing her Sin City striptease act (wowzer sent by the polite 'Pete'), Lea Seydoux flashing her Funions for a flick (submitted boldly by 'Dominic'), Aleksa Palladino and Lisa Joyce topless lesbionics from Boardwalk Empire (Sapphic sights provided by 'Louis'), Micaela Schaefer hot booty thumping workout (bottomside views dropped off by 'Timo'), another hot dose of Katie Cassidy, in FHM (the lovely Katie part deux via 'Mike C.'), Rose McGowan nekkid dancing in her house (just love the lovely Rose, so does 'Evan'), Natalie Hall topless perfect goodies in Plus One (thank you very kindly to 'Owen'), Yekaterina Golubeva topless in the desert of the silver screen (lovely natural beauty from 'Marie'), Kelly McGillis flashing funbags in a lesser known role (Kelly's cupcakes shared by 'Rec'), Natalia Avelon topless in the very underrated Strike Back (shower scenes etc. by way of 'Randall'), Michelle Batista all Latina and glorious in skinematics (be still my barely beating heart thanks to 'P.T.'), and last, but not the least bit least, Milla Jovovich in early work flashing her sweet puppies (nice endcapping by 'Dove'). It's a handful, I'd recommend at least two. Enjoy.

And, one must-see short video from a ton of you who noticed that Danica McKellar, aka Winnie Cooper, had an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a couple skimpy wet bikini notches above the rest: