READER FINDS: Kimber Sissons and Candie Evans Super Nude In “You Can’t Hurry Love”

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aldo-vallon - August 19, 2018

It feels like the days have long since passed of being able to watch low budget comedies that contained ample amounts of cheap nudity. Now in order to get anything close a person has to go to a porn video, and that leaves you feeling dirty. There was no guilt in choosing a raunchy comedy.

It was easy to trick yourself into thinking all you wanted to do was laugh, and if there happened to be a couple breasts that graced the screen, then so be it. You didn’t ask the boobs to be in the movie, they chose to be. Are you really expected to deprive yourself of happiness because of some incidental nudity? That does not seem very fair to me.

So what if Candie and Kimber are not “clothed” in the traditional sense of the word. I can tell you what they are clothed in: My respect. And it is one size fits all, so no one has to worry about being excluded due to cup size. They had better make with the nudity quick though, because it is a finite resource. I cannot afford to respect too many people at one time. I might start to lose my value due to inflation.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin