READER FINDS: Lady Gaga Topless, Brooklyn Decker Topless, Gina Gershon Topless, and Much Much More…

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bill-swift - December 21, 2013

There's so much wonderful celebrity skin in this week's Reader Finds, I actually found myself in need of a handkerchief. No, for my eyes. I welled up with happy tears like when the dog you loved made it out of the mine before the explosion, only this is our favorite ladies of past and present baring tremendously hot bodies, so far more important. Oh, there I go again, gushing. No, with tears. Don't be crude.

This week's Reader Finds includes Ana Beatriz Barrosred hot in a Fabio Bartlett photoshoot (thanks to EgoReader 'Dylan'), Lady Gaga upside down in a performance art piece (applause to 'Ray D.' on this unusual escapade), Brooklyn Decker topless in her epic Mark Squires shoot (many gracias to 'Arnando' for revisiting this classic), newcomer glamour model Kirstie Patterson flashing her amazing melons (tallyhos from 'Ian'), Uma Thurman topless in her most dangerous liaison to date (classic young Uma from 'Owby'), the now pregnant Teresa Palmer quite topless in Restraint (Aussie goodness from 'Rita H.'), Miranda Kerr sextastic behind the scenes of her latest Cosmo shoot (uber-MILFiness via 'Contrado'), a Latina model named Maria that just had to be shared (had to by the insistent 'Steve L.'), Chloe Sevigny in one of her first of many topless roles (ta's don't cry by 'Iggy'), Nicole Beharie topless in Shame (many thanks to 'Jake'), Carey Mulligan one-upsmanship by being nekkid in the same film (holy tacos by 'Anon'), Candice Swanepoel nekkid from a temporarily posted Instagram photo (can not verify, but a bunch of you sent this in, thanks to all), Kesha nipple peek in new Pitbull video (nice eagle eyes by 'Choppy'), Cynthia Myers, Miss December '68 with some amazing funbags (reliving the moment is 'Darren'), telenovela star Michelle Vieth nekkid in her scandalous sex  tape from 2000 (a few sent this in including Ego veteran 'Jess D.'), Lucy Mecklenburgh covered topless in her 2014 calendar (transmitted by 'Chris'), Kate Winslet topless and getting it on in Little Children (Kate's precious pups sent by 'Raymund'), Kaley Cuoco busty in her pink bra (TV still hotness from 'Thomas'), Elisha Cuthbert memorable striptease (thrown over the fence by 'Evan'), Gina Gershon topless (wow, another wayback machine expose from 'Tiger'), sweet young Paulina Porizkova in a might fine bikini (hot body donated by 'Sweet J.'), Micaela Schaefer nekkid in the streets (more more Micaela from 'Stacey'), Penelope Cruz in another fine topless skinematic (such chesty hotness from 'Dub'), Miranda Kerr again, but this time nekkid in her Russell James photoshoot (black and white mammaries from 'Shawn'), Jenny McClain and her powerful punchy top (bodacious DD's contributed by 'Roman'), and Katee Sackhoff in a leggy new pictorial (gams of fineness from 'Stefon'). It's more than a barrel of laughs, it's a bushel of bare babes. Enjoy.

And, a video contribution from an old friend pimping Irish model Rosalind Lipsett in her Christmas spirited naughty jig: