Rhian Sugden Blonde Bombshell Topless Tatas

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bill-swift - July 7, 2016

Rhian Sugden is one of my O.D.'s, Original Darlings, a girl who's so incredibly hot and still so young, though she's been teasing us with those faptastic funbags for what seems like forever now. Things you revel in are supposed to be more fleeting in memory, but these mammaries are the kind of spine and extremity tingling happy sights that leave you in a state of passion peaked stasis. The images never leave your brain, at least not the important parts.

Rhian is still dutifully digging into photoshoots with the good people at Page 3 magazine on the regular. Never forget who brought you to the dance. And dance with them. Or take your top off and show all their friends your wicked sextastic ta-ta's. Either way works for me, with the latter being my undeniable favorite. Rhian, you are a blessing of the boobtastic hardly in disguise. I could be a very happy man were I committed daily to polishing your sweet melons. I shall check on for that particular position now. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3